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First of all, please register your name at circulation division for our own record. Next, we will brief you about our services and facilities include lift usage, searching book assistance and room for study. Any further info, please email to

Yes, it is a compulsory to send your articles/projects to the library because it will be kept as an archive collection for the university.

Library allows only staff children to enter Library with the supervision of their parent. Students' children are not allowed except for a short while such as for borrowing or returning books at circulation counter.

Yes, but only by request by providing information of the donor such as name and address or email.

There is a lot of power plug to charge any of your ICT equipment. Just used it properly. :)

"Laptop Charging Corner" every floor.

Yes, we do allow customers to come in with eco-bag only. However backpack is not allowed due to many pockets which make Library staff difficult to check at the entrance. Meanwhile, Library provides lockers outside the building for locating customers' belonging.

Library organize exhibition with different themes. During the exhibition, customers are welcomed to visit the exhibition area freely. For those who want to collaborate in setting up an exhibition, do not hesitate to contact us via email to

You need to fill up a request form available at Circulation Counter to get this book.

Library only accepts the suggestion for purchasing from lecturers only. If students want to suggest, they may do so through their lecturers or supervisors. The suggestions can be directed to Acquisitions Division via e-mail to (Jamilah Hassan Basri)

Malaysia Public University's students may come into the library for reference only by displaying your matrics/students card. However, other university's students must get permission from our Head Department through official letter before coming to Library.

Items found in the Library are kept and can be recalled at circulation counter

Use your USM e-mail address and password as your ID & password.

If you face any access problem, please e-mail directly to

Off Campus Log In

Go to

Please enter your USM official e-mail address and password for example to gain access to USM databases.

id = abc123 or xyz123 
Password : email password

If you face any problem, please e-mail directly to

Only EcoBag is allowed to enter the library. Keep green guys :).

No, any food and drinks are prohibited in the library except plain water. However, library provides water dispenser near Computer Lab on the ground floor of the library for customers' convenience. Don't forget to bring your own clear water bottle.

You may do photocopy and printing at photocopy centre (staff cafeteria) or mini post office.

Sure!! There are 8 carrel rooms available in the Library.

There are 100 lockers available in the library for either 'daytime' use or to rent for the academic year.

Please click this website to register your USMSecure WiFi or eng-wifi-mobile channel.

This division is located at 1st floor which handling all journals related activities and databases acquisition. This division is open daily from Monday to Friday , 8.30 am – 4.30 pm. Any inquiry, please e-mail to

Please write an official letter to Head Department of Perpustakaan Kejuruteraan by stating the details of the visit including visit's objective and a number of visitors.

Library is following the dress code provided by the University. Short skirt and pant (above knee) is strongly prohibited.

Please send it to the Librarian at Acquisitions Division, Perpustakaan KejuruteraanUniversiti Sains Malaysia. Any inquiry, please e-mail to

Lost or damage item is under customer's responsibility. Please report to Circulation Counter immediately. Customer is advised to replace the item by his own (buy from any bookshop) or we will charge double price (if we handle the acquisition process). For any inquiry, please e-mail to

All types of educational collections in printed or non-printed format except brochures.

Library has provided 25 units of computers at Computer Lab (Ground Floor)  and 14 units at Audio Visual Room (Level 2).  

Only registered members are allowed to enter the library. Customers must display their smart cards upon entering and all time in the Library.

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