1. Other materials such as bags, umbrellas, parcels, crash helmets, etc., are not to be brought into the Library. Such articles may be left in the lockers provided near the Library entrance.

  2. Library management accepts no responsibility for loss or damaged of any personal belongings left unattended in the Library.

  3. Customers are not allowed to remove or change the placement of chairs, tables or any other furniture in the Library.

  4. Users found mutilating or stealing Library materials/properties are liable to strict disciplinary action.

  5. Mobile phones must be switched off or put to silent mode within the Library premises.

  6. Smoking, eating and drinking is strictly prohibited inside the library.

  7. Users are not allowed to use other person’s library card.

  8. Hiding or intentionally misplacing books or library materials is an offense.

  9. Silence is to be strictly observed in the Library. The Library staff on duty has the authority to ask any user who causes disturbance in the Library to leave.

  10. Library staff shall remove books and other articles left for any length of time on tables or chairs.

  11. All articles left in the reading area after the Library is closed can be claimed at the Circulation Counter. The articles will be handed over to the Security Department if not claimed within a week.

  12. Customers are required to show all books and items they carry to the Library staff for inspection at the exit gate/counter before leaving the Library.

  13. Users are not allowed to bring out library materials which are not properly checked out.

  14. Users are not allowed to bring overdue borrowed materials out of the Library.

  15. Users must be formally and decently attired as defined by the Student Affairs Department /University Dress Code. The Library staff on duty has the authority to ask customer who does not adhere to the dress code to leave the Library.

  16. All borrowed items are considered as on loan until they are properly checked in at the Circulation Counter. Users must ensure that the date of return is cancelled once the book is checked in.

    Any students found to disregard or violate the rules and regulations of the Library are liable for any of the following disciplinary actions:

    i. warning

    ii. fine not more than RM200.00

    iii. suspension from the use of all or part of the services in the Library within a period of time

    iv. withdrawal of right to enter University land, buildings, facilities or any part thereof

    v. expulsion from the University